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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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behind the bars alone. >> reporter: but perrone guilty of three counts of murdering three men [ all foreign names ] in separate killings has plenty to say, too, whether the victims' families like it or not. >> my sincerest condolences to the families of the victims. from there. perrone not only denied he killed the three men but claiming in mind-numbing detail how he says he didn't get a fair trial. >> absolutely no one appeared in this courtroom for my defense at the trial. >> reporter: all this dodging and rambling from the man convicted of destroying their families is too much to take. >> every friday night we have dinner in the basement. >> you're a liar. >> liar! >> reporter: in short order the families exit the courtroom en masse unwilling to listen to this serial killer. the families finally returned
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perrone but not before enduring this parting statement from the convicted killer. >> if anyone chooses to receive a copy of this -- >> no. >> -- you are going to die! most painful! [ overlapping speakers ] [ inaudible ] >> death! >> everyone knows that i'm going to give you because that's what you deserve, the maximum sentence the law allows. 25 years to life on each of these murder counts to run consecutive so the total sentence is 75 years to life. >> reporter: the judge told perrone, you are a lucky man if we had the death penalty in new york, you would be a prime candidate. perrone interrupting the judge at that point declaring, if i'm lying, hang me. at brooklyn criminal court, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> today perrone's own court appointed defense attorney said of his client with whom he rarely saw eye to eye, quote, you can't get into the minds of these people because it's like going into a swamp. now to the stunning new developments today in the o.j.
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los angeles police reveal they are investigating the discovery a knife found buried on simpson's former estate. dick brennan here with more with the trial of the century. >> it never ends. it's a bombshell, discovery or dead end. a knife found on property once owned by o.j. simpson's but is it the knife used in one of the most notorious double murders in american history? tonight marcia clark is reacting to the news. >> it's a remarkable development if it does turn out to be connected to the murders of ron and nicole. >> reporter: the case with all its wild twists and turns has kept the nation fascinated to this day. the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. but now is one of the enduring mysteries finally solved? more than 20 years later another possible clue. >> the actual item is described as a knife. >> reporter: a construction worker who helped level o.j. simpson's rockingham estate in brentwood in 1998 says he
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off-duty lapd officer years ago. >> he held on to it until just that he had it. and, um, we have now recovered it within the last month. >> reporter: simpson was >> not guilty. >> reporter: he was acquitted. but the murder weapon was never recovered and knife just found will be checked for dna. >> it may have nothing or they may have everything. puzzles. this is the piece that's missing. >> reporter: the former lead detective on the case tom lange isn't ready to jump to conclusions. >> you have to try to keep it in perspective. it was recovered 18 years ago around the time where several other knives on the properties by people. >> reporter: the case is getting new life in a tv miniseries that just debuted to strong ratings leading some to be suspicious. >> you have to question the timing right at the time of the miniseries on the o.j. simpson case and all of a sudden they come up with this knife? it's going to raise some eyebrows.
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simpson's cannot be retried in the case. that would be double jeopardy. it is possible perhaps someone else might be implicated in the case. they could be charged. but that would seem very unlikely. in both cases we are waiting to see what the tests reveal if anything. >> exactly. >> thank you. and o.j. simpson is currently locked up and on armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. he was convicted in 2008 on 12 years in a nevada prison. he will be eligible for parole in this case next year. now to the increase in the number of slashings in the city. tonight stunning and frightening pictures of the weapons found in shelters and the danger that's also spilling out on our streets. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer has the story. >> reporter: the entrance to the men's shelter on 30th and first avenue has a sign that reads, no glass bottles allowed. it's a safety precaution. but there's no mention about knives and guns. but look at this!
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knives, switch blades, daggers, a bb gun, confiscated in just a single day this week by the unarmed security guards at that shelter and there's this. a larger haul of cleavers, butcher knives, razors, also confiscated this week in just 24 hours at five brooklyn shelters. >> i don't think they are going to work. so this is to kill somebody. >> reporter: teamsters president gregory floyd was stunned when the security guards he represents showed him the weapons. >> i said, this couldn't be. one day?! all these weapons?! what happens over the course of a year? we -- we -- i -- i said we are really under siege! >> reporter: with the city enduring a wave of knife crimes up 20% this year, it is visible proof of why many of the slashing incidents involve the homeless. earlier this week a homeless man slashed a dunkin' donuts employee. >> scary. it's very scary. >> reporter: robert masscali
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>> i think things are out of control. i think the nypd must get more involved. i would suggest that the nypd just stop in and visit the shelters so that the residents know that the cops could be coming in at any time. >> reporter: city human resources commissioner steve banks praised the security guards for finding the weapons and said the city plans to enhance security as part of a soon-to-be completed shelter review. >> we want to see what further actions may be needed. we are going to be providing them with additional training and designating particular peace officers to have tasers where needed. >> reporter: commissioner banks also said he has been consulting with the nypd about security needs as part of the 90-day shelter review ordered by the mayor. the results are due in about two weeks. i guess there's going to be more and more security added as part of this new review. >> eye-opening. really. >> a lot, a lot of items there. thank you, marcia. brooklyn police say that they have arrested a would-be
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owner with an axe. the nypd says the homeowner in borough park called david medina trying to steal a tire from his car. when the man confronted him, medina allegedly grabbed an axe from his van. there was no physical contact. medina took off but officers arrest him about a block away. livery cab driver fighting for his life tonight after an early-morning shooting outside a nightclub in queens. a neighbor captured this video. the firefighters clearing out the club in astoria after some of the patrons started fighting. that's when someone opened fire hitting driver robert castillo in the head. police believe the shooter may have been targeting one of his four passengers. castillo crashed his suv three blocks away after clipping at least one other car. >> he is in very critical condition right now. doctors is removed the bullet from his skull. but he is -- we're hoping that he is going to pull through. but we don't know at this point. >> police are now talking to the passengers and looking at
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try to find that gunman. three nypd officers are suspended after a crash on staten island. investigators say a car driven by detective christopher carula smashed into this hair salon in arden heights last friday night. he and another officer were out celebrating a promotion for lieutenant vincent lolini. police say the three left the scene and waited for hours before reporting the accident. the salon owner though does not want the officers to face criminal charges. >> everything is okay now. and thank god nobody was hurt and i just want to worry about getting my salon back up and running. >> the crash caused an estimated $50,000 in damage to that salon. new at 6:00 now a proposed suburb theme park could mean a quarter billion-dollar boost to rockland county. cbs 2's lou young took a look at the possible site for a new legoland park in suffern, new york. >> reporter: some of the last
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equipment away from the soon- to-be empty novartis facility in suffern. the swiss drugmaker is trying to sell the 165-acre site but the town of ramapo which owns 65 adjacent acres is trying to make the property part of a bigger deal with the massive amusement park developer merlin entertainment. >> the town could be involved in the purchase as far as if -- novartis were to make this a gift of the land as part of all of this. and we would lease that or we would sell it to legoland. >> reporter: legoland like the one in florida a theme park for families with young children, this one would be just off the new york thruway north of the jersey state line. the developer envisions a big hotel and the amusement park. but needs moreland than novartis has to offer. the county executive and the mayor of suffern both say having government financially involved makes them nervous. >> we like private industry to develop. let them develop in a proper responsible manner. >> why should government get involved when we have two potential purchases? >> reporter: the current
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but nobody wants to pay that much. the two buyers have expressed interest including a brooklyn yeshiva and italian cosmetics firm offered about $20 million. either purchase would either dramatically reduce the tax revenue from this property or cut of itentirely. building legoland would keep the cash flowing. residents wonder what it might cost. when you heard legoland and suffern in the same sentence what was your reaction? >> yay. >> mixed feelings with traffic. >> reporter: residents will in. legoland could be up and running in 2019. in rockland county, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> merlin entertainment says it's also looking at possible sites in orange county and northern new jersey. in just a moment they risked their lives to save animals in danger. >> as i opened the door i was hit in the face with this big cloud of black smoke. >> hear from the heroes who saved a dozen dogs from a burning shelter. >> and some big changes to the s.a.t.s. children are about to take the
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>> and a little bit of snow today. i'll go over those snow totals in a bit and look at this. weekend. i'll talk about that coming up. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," new pipes are being installed in flint, >> scott pelley is here now hi, scott. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, great to be with you. we have been following the water disaster in flint, michigan for many weeks now. of course, the lead poisoning and more 100 children there because of problems with the water. we are going to follow up today on how those kids are doing and show you how flint is trying to fix its problem. we'll have that and all the political news coming right up on the "cbs evening news." >> thank you. see you at 6:30. >> and a bit later in sports, contract news for one of the mets pitchers.
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and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this fight for $15 is all about. ' dramatic dog rescue on long island after a fire broke out just after dawn at a kennel. shelter employees risked their lives to save trapped animals. jennifer mclogan reports from suffolk county. >> reporter: alexa remembers being overcome as she opened the door to the kennel. >> i was hit in the face with smoke. and it almost looked like it was snowing but the snow was
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covering everything and it was swirling a lot of the dogs that seemed to bark every morning weren't barking anymore. >> reporter: they ran into the clinic screaming for help. >> i think it was more adrenaline. i just kick in and you just do it and although i probably -- you know, parts of me said you shouldn't go in there. >> reporter: the animal shelter is a nonprofit haven for cats and dogs waiting a the animals were helpless to escape in their closed cages as dense walls of smoke increased by the second. pam green is shelter director. >> there was black smoke billowing out of the chimney so the thing is with animals and humans as well, they can within the next 48 hours get away from the smoke. >> reporter: the riverhead fire department arrived to discover that the frantic employees had risked their health to carry each animal out one by one including these spaniel puppies. >> it was just so crazy just bringing them up here. we were just trying to get the
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check they out, make sure they were okay. >> reporter: then you went to the hospital? >> yes, we all did. >> reporter: humans and animals all transported in ambulances for smoke inhalation treatment. now back at the shelter. >> you have to get the lives out. there's animals to save. >> reporter: the shelter director is grateful the kennel wasn't filled with its usual 35 dogs. as it was, it took 25 minutes to save the 12 trapped from calverton, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> the fire department says a faulty boiler is to blame. tomorrow morning nearly half a million students across revamped s.a.t. the college admissions exam has undergone changes to be closer aligned to what students are learning in school they tell us. they will now have four choices to pick from instead of five so the odds of picking the correct answer goes up.
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more vocabulary words and the essay will be optional. the perfect score goes back to 1600 instead of 2400. let's check the forecast. earlier, lonnie quinn showed us a beautiful sunset there. >> so pretty out there. >> the skies look nice after a tricky little morning. >> it was never a huge snowstorm. >> but, you know, kind of slippery out there for some spots. somebody there on the jersey shore picked up 4.5" in toms river. the biggest number i can show you in our area. now the westchester reporting the numbers hovering in the 30s around the area. let's, for example, go right from tom in levittown. tom, welcome to the show. this is my first time getting you on as a weather watcher. beautiful sunset out there tonight after a snowy morning. pretty chilly wind chills right now. well, we are going to get into this weekend and think the temperatures will go back to about where they should be today. right now outside, cold in new 38 degrees.
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nice sunset so it's basically a good-looking sky overhead. 39 was your high. 30 was your low so you're off the mark. keep in mind average temperature this time of the year is 46 degrees. it's all part of my headlines as we look to what's going to take place over the weekend. it's going to be an okay weekend, all right? i mean i don't see anything big brewing out there. i see, you know, some average temperatures around, say, 45, 46 degrees especially on sunday. a little cooler on saturday. could be, however, a few flakes saturday into sunday. but it's nothing major. here's the forecast for saturday. 42 degrees sort of a sun/cloud mix. it's brighter in the morning. more clouds come in late. then again they could lead to a little overnight snow shower. a little to no accumulation. 46 the high on sunday. so where would this next snow chance come from? well, that's what we had today. central park picked up .4." that 4.5" around toms river about the highest amount. this is what we watch as you
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into early sunday morning. saturday fine. here you go sunday 9:30 a.m., a little leading activity earlier than that that's why i'm saying overnight. this is a computer rendering of where it could set up. the city. it could set up over the jersey shore north and west. it's the possibility is out there. but it never really overwhelms the entire area so little to no accumulation. what you should expect? chance late saturday into early sunday but not much and then the big news will be a midweek warmup could even be a record setter. i'm talking about webs in particular. so we talk about your weekend forecast. there you see it 42 and 46. monday 55. warming up. tuesday 64. the record for wednesday is 69 degrees. i'm forecasting 69. but, you know, let's watch that one. it would be nice to get a 70 out there. it's a possibility. >> thank you. steve overmyer is here in for otis with sports. >> well, we are talking about the mets and a star pitcher who refused to sign a
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we are going to tell you why that actually doesn't hurt the team this year. and henrik lundqvist flipped out last night. find out what this is all about and why he is not playing. next in sports. when 61,000 sets of eyes look at health care differently, a hospital curtain can be more than just a curtain. so we invented a new one, that reduces the spread of infection. in every one of our 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities, we're not just looking to raise our standard, but the standard of health care.
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time for sports. you don't have to sign a contract? >> that's the funny thing. it's kind of confusing and messy. but such is the business of sports. mets pitcher jacob degrom don't want to sign a contract. whether he signs or not, the mets can pay him what they want. he will be arbitration eligible next year. the new double play combo getting to work in the 1st inning. walker and cabrera to duda a 4-6-3. biggest ovation of the day comes when yoenis cespedes steps up to the plate. nothing brewing for him on the offensive side. he goes 0 for 4. everybody
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in the ninth, the mets down 4- 3. herrera skying one to left. the wind played a role. that's an inside-the-park home run. mets and marlins call it a day. tied at 4. >> the yankees and tigers at regular season form. on wednesday severino broke a wrist by a hit pitch. today kinsler was hit. justin verland we're retaliate on his own and then so did cabrera. this time with his bat. a three-run pop. the two time mvp. the yankees lost 3-0. the knicks have draft picks and plenty of cap space this off season so the future isn't bleak. but right now, they are focusing on the celtics tonight. trying to figure out their chemistry and consistency. >> one of our problems all
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and connectiveness and our ability to play well together is intermittent. good teams played better for longer stretches of time. >> lundqvist going to be out of tonight's game with neck spasms stemming from last night what we saw on the ice. in the second period he was run into by his own man. usually a ref calls a time-out make sure the goalie is okay but they didn't. he was trying to tell the refs that he was hurt and when they did nothing he did that a maneuver that resulted in a penalty and had him trending on twitter last night. right behind donald trump. if you want an snyder's look at baseball, the m lb and snapchat joined forces to show what you life is like from a player's perspective. players can use this selfie bat at spring training games. they did this at the all star game. they are going to show fans what life is like in the dugout, on the field, in the bullpen. they say that they cannot use that selfie bat at the plate. that's one place they can't use it.
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>> you need that social interaction and maybe that's what baseball has been missing over the past couple of years and this is a way to get fans more invested in the sport. >> they do have some time in
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>> we'll be right back. here's a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. >> i was in shock. shock, disbelief. these things don't happen to us. >> it was a murder that rattled the city a beloved deli owner robbed and killed. two decades later his family hopes a new twist will bring them answers to this murder mystery. that's tonight after "blue bloods" fans of broadway's "wicked" have new options. lottery. sign up at 8:30. night's show. to find out how you can sign up there's a link at if you haven't seen it, go. coming up next, "cbs evening news with scott pelley."
6:30 pm >> pelley: a party in chaos. much. >> here we go! >> about my record. >> reporter: mr. chairman, is your party coming apart at the seams. >> pelley: also tonight. >> back on the record in the simpson matter. >> pelley: nearly a quarter of a century later, a new mystery murder. a red flag at the top of the world. the mercury's rising, the ice disappearing. >> it's completely unprecedented. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a stock tip-- beware of singing to it. who's going next in the red trailer captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, donald trump retreated from his pledge to


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